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Removalist Guru offers no depot charges for our customers or any call out fees. We also provide fee portarobe use for all of our customers this means all of your hanging clothes in your wardrobes can stay on hangers
the first question would be how large is the truck? we have heard many horror stories of people paying far too much for a move simply because the truck was too small. one customer we had said the previous removalist did 5 trips to move her and then charged her the travel time in between loads.
Removalist Guru offers the best service at the best rates.We have large trucks fitted with hydraulic lifts and experienced staff. If you recieve a better quote we will always try to match that quote.
Removalist Guru carries transit insurance as do most companys. We offer advise on comprehensive moving insurance available. However due to the australian insurance laws we cannot provide this for you.
Removalist Guru offers an hourly rate to our customers and a fixed quote can be requested. A representative from our company will come and view your moving requirement and then offer you a fixed quote. All of our country moves are fixed quotes.
Removalist Guru is dedicated to offering the best removals service. Friendly, efficient and on time. We understand that moving can be stressfull our aim is to make your move as easy and stress free as possible.

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